Here you can find a list of the most touristic and yet not to be missed attractions in Rome!

Remember that to most of them (and to many other museums in Rome) on the first Sunday of the month you can enter for free!

Also, by showing you student ID (or even your personal page on any university platform - even the one of your home university) you are entitled to the student discount.

If you study Architecture, Arts, Literature or History you can enter for free whenever you want: you’ll just need to show your Learning Agreement showing your study course!


Colosseum - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/colosseo-2?lang=en

The Forums - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/fori?lang=en

The Trevi Fountain - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/fontana-di-trevi?lang=en

Pantheon - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/pantheon?lang=en

Spanish Steps and SS. Maria dei Monti - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/ss-trinita-dei-monti?lang=en

Victorian (Altare della Patria) - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/vittoriano?lang=en

The Capitoline Hill (Campidoglio) - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/campidoglio?lang=en

Piazza Navona - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/piazza-navona?lang=en

Mouth of the Truth (Bocca della Verità) - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/bocca-della-verita?lang=en

Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/basilica-di-san-pietro-in-vaticano?l...

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/musei-vaticani-e-cappella-sistina?la...

Basilica of S. Paul outside the walls - http://www.turismoroma.it/cosa-fare/basilica-di-san-paolo-fuori-le-mura?...